1.   Deposit money to your casino account.
  2.   From the personal account you can bet in any of our games.
  3.   All the money won by you will fall on the gaming account.
  4.   You can always withdraw money from the gaming account in many ways.

Check the bets (Paycheck)


With the help of this system, you can control and track all changes in the account balance. For example, you will have access to check the history of all the games, you can even see what cards have fallen in Blackjack, or which cells dropped in the process of playing the ball in the roulette, or the location of the reels on any slot machine. The Playcheck system allows casino clients to view the entire history of game bets in the past few days from the date of the request. There is also a possibility to view the information for a longer period, but for this you will need to contact our customer service. The Playcheck system is very accurate and does not fail. The high quality of work is ensured by the exceptional memory of transactions. The system cannot be influenced from the outside. No one except you can enter this system (except Casino administration in case of request).

 Check transactions (Cashcheck)


This system allows owners of real gaming accounts to view all their financial transactions. The cashcheck system report is something like a detailed bank account statement. The appearance of the ‘token refund’ in the description of the request means that the specified request has been returned to the Player. The reasons for this return may be different. The Casino Administration sends explanations of the reasons for each particular case to the Player's email indicated in the personal account.


How to make a deposit


*Use only your cards. It is strictly forbidden to use other people’s cards.

In a number of cases, a situation may arise when the casino administration can request additional information. You should be prepared to provide data as soon as possible. In order to avoid such situations, provide complete information about yourself.

Get winnings


Getting a payout from your account at a casino is called "cashout", payout or withdrawal of funds. Please note that when the game is completed, there is no need to put money on the withdrawal. You can leave the money in the casino account and keep it with a positive balance. The account is automatically stored securely in the system, and when you enter your account, you will be able to use the means for further play (or withdraw if desired). In Goldfishka only responsible game is taking place. 


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