Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Goldfishka casino has rules that are MANDATORY for all players. Any PLAYER AGREES WITH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND OBLIGATES TO FOLLOW THEM when performing actions on Goldfishka Casino website such as: accessing the website, opening a personal account on the website, playing casino games, using (or reusing) existing account, participating in tournaments, receiving any prize. Hereby the Player confirms that he is familiar with the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS, accepts them and agrees to follow them.

1. The player.

1.1. The player fully and correctly understands all the rules, regulations, requirements and conditions described in the paragraphs below. He agrees with Casino’s terms and conditions The Casino may, without notice to the Player, amend, alter, delete, interlineate or add to ("Changes") these Terms and Conditions, the promotion or competition-specific Terms and Conditions or Rules of Play at any time whatsoever. These Changes shall become effective, and Player shall be bound by these Changes, immediately upon their posting on the Casino Website. Player agrees to regularly review these Terms and Conditions, promotion or competition-specific Terms and Conditions and the Rules of Play regularly in order to assess whether any Changes have been made.

1.2. The Player confirms that he has reached the age of majority and is fully legally competent in the country of residence or citizenship.

1.3. The player confirms that he will use the content of the website and the Casino software exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes. The player confirms that he will not copy, reproduce or publish any elements of the content of this site and the software of this Casino. The player is aware that he may incur administrative responsibility for unauthorized distribution of data.

2. Casino Service

2.1. Goldfishka casino service is provided in the form as it is presented by the developers. Casino is not responsible for the non-compliance of the service with the expectations or representations of the client about the Casino, or about how this type of service should be provided.

2.2. Casino is not responsible for possible computer malfunctions or failures in the work of the end-user network, as well as for the Player's attempts to use the service in a different way, from the recommended Casino option.

2.3. The casino cannot guarantee that during the operation there will be no failures or breaks. Any errors found during the operation will be corrected to the minimum possible time.

2.4. The casino takes all reasonable precautions to block malicious applications so that the website and the software do not contain computer viruses. But the Casino cannot 100% ensure that the website and software are completely free of such a problem. Thus, the protection of the data on the user's computer and the maintenance of backup information is the responsibility of the Player himself.

2.5. The casino reserves the right to conduct preventive work in its software and hardware complex at a convenient time. In the course of preventive work, the Casino is suspended temporarily.

2.6. Upon occurrence of force majeure situations, circumstances, accidents or failures in hardware and software complexes of third parties who cooperate with the Casino, temporary suspension of the Casino is possible. In this case, all Player bets and their results are canceled. The casino is not responsible for the loss of the Player in this case.

3. Rules for registering a game account.

3.1. In case of full registration (providing the Player with information about himself), the Player will have access to all bonus programs and all possible ways of payment and winnings, including the possibility to use plastic cards.

3.2. In the case of a limited registration (Player providing incomplete information about himself, false and unconfirmed data), the player will not receive all bonuses in full amount, namely the welcome bonus. In addition, the Player will not be able to use plastic cards for depositing / withdrawing money (all other methods of depositing / withdrawing money will be available). IMPORTANT! In the case of getting a progressive jackpot, a mandatory condition for obtaining money is a complete registration (that is, providing real data about yourself).

3.3. The player has the right to apply to the Casino administration with a request to consider his registration limited and, accordingly, to refuse to use plastic cards. Such a request should be sent immediately after registration of the player.

3.4. The question of the correctness and completeness of the information provided by the player remains to be considered by the Casino administration. In case the administration considers the data to be incomplete or incorrect, registration will be considered limited.

3.5. In case of full registration, the Player must provide only real and correct data. In case of indicating incorrect or erroneous data, the Player can be canceled and the game account is blocked.

3.6. In certain cases, the Casino Administration reserves the right to ask the Player for additional information to confirm the registration data. The package of the required documents is determined individually immediately before the request. When submitting scanned documents, the Player is allowed to hide a part of the data (for example, the passport number, part of the address, part of the number of the plastic card, etc.). While waiting for the requested documents, the player's participation in casino promotional offers and payments from the gaming account may be suspended. In case of refusal of the Player in providing the necessary documents, the Casino reserves the right to block the game account.

3.7. Due to the laws of some countries, Casino has no right to render services to Players from the following countries: USA, Malta, Moldova, France, United Kingdom.

3.8. Freerolls (free tournaments) are not available to players with a limited registration. In case of violation of this rule, the game account of the offender may be blocked, and funds are confiscated there.

3.9. According to the rules of international practice in combating money laundering and terrorist financing, players, whose total amount of requests for payment  from the moment of registration in the casino will exceed 2500 euros, will have to disclose their personal data of the casino and confirm them documented.

4. The player is prohibited from allowing other persons or third parties, including, but not limited to, minors to participate in the game. Login and password security, as well as all actions made under the username and password of the player, is the personal responsibility of each Player. In case of theft of the login and password, the Player must immediately notify the administration of the Casino.

5. The player agrees that the responsibility for understanding and observing the laws under whose jurisdiction he is located (including the prohibition on online gambling under the laws of a particular country) lies entirely within him. According to these laws, Casino reserves the right to exclude such Players from participating in the game, blocking or (in some cases) confiscating funds on the gaming account.

6. Violation of the rules of the Casino by the Player, as well as any illegal activity, will result in the Casino being temporarily or entirely entitled to close the Player's account (without prior notice). At the time of closing the account funds can be confiscated.

7. The game at the Goldfish Casino is prohibited for all its employees and their immediate relatives.

8. The player has no right to claim damages from the Company, its employees, managers, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesale operators, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and other agencies, media partners, agents and retail operators and does not have the right to demand from specified persons and companies compensation for any costs, expenses, liabilities or damages that may result from the fact that the Player visits the Web site, uses or reuses it; uses any materials displayed on the Web site; comes to the Casino Server, uses or reuses it; participates in the Game or accepts the Prize.

9. The player confirms that his interest in playing the Casino is personal, not professional. The Casino allows players to play as entertainment, and the entrance to the Casino and the use of the provided services for any other purposes is prohibited.

10. Playing at the Goldfishka casino is intended only for adults and only for entertainment purposes. It is categorically prohibited to use robots, mechanical, electronic or other devices to automatically make gaming decisions in any casino game. Violation of this rule will result in the player being able to get a ban on playing in the Casino, as well as for confiscation of funds (the amount of confiscation cannot exceed the total amount of net winnings), exclusion from all offers on promotions and inclusion in the database of "restricted players" access "of the casino industry, to which other online casinos have access.

11. The casino reserves the right to control the accounts (withdraw funds), which were more than 6 months after the date of the last operation. The casino does not have to notify the Player in advance.

12. Decisions related to proposals for promotions are the exclusive prerogative of the advertising department of the Goldfishka casino. The casino at its own discretion can change, extend or cancel any advertising offer. Preliminary notification of players is not made. In the event of a player violating the rules of the promotion, the Casino reserves the right to exclude a player from it.

13. The principle of limiting the number of game accounts: "One account for one player / one family / one address." Exceptions are possible only by decision and on the terms of the casino administration in each case. A player who has a game account in Goldfishka cannot register with other casinos working on the Goldfishka platform, but can play them using the login and password from the Goldfish account.

14. The Casino administration reserves the right to refuse (without explanation) to any Player participating in the promotion without prior notification.

15. For each player, one game account is created in each of the currencies supported by the Casino. When credits are bought for a currency other than the currency of the game account, this purchase is converted at the rate of the casino at the time of the purchase. The casino keeps a history of all purchases and exchange rates. When paying out the winnings, the following formula applies: (1) the part of the payment that is less than or equal to the purchase amount is paid at the rate at the time of the purchase; (2) the part of the payment that exceeds the value of the purchase is paid at the current exchange rate.

For example, a player the day before yesterday paid $ 100 to the casino and received a game account of 3000 rubles. He won 600 rubles. Today he asks to withdraw 3500 rubles to his dollar purse. The rate today is 25 rubles per dollar. The player will receive 3000/30 + 500/25 = 120 $.

16. Payments to VISA card are possible only if you use this card to purchase chips within 6 months before the request for payment.

17. The casino has the right to pay the winnings in a manner different from the payment method specified by the player.

18. According to the international practice for combating money laundering, any casino financial transactions must be notified to the law enforcement authorities. In case of investigation of any suspicious actions of the Player, the Casino reserves the right to suspend the service of the game account, as well as payments from it.

19. The casino is prohibited to use for making any exchange transactions (including for the exchange of electronic currencies). In the event that such activities are discovered, the Casino reserves the right to withhold the commission, as well as request a number of additional documents from the Players. The amount of commissions and the method of payment of money remain at the discretion of the Casino.

20. The rules published on the site are considered current at the moment. Chronology of changes in the rules is not maintained. Date of last update of terms and conditions July 15, 2015

21. The casino does not send "spam" to the e-mail addresses that the Players leave at registration. In the distribution of the Casino, the player's address automatically enters when registering a gaming account or registering this address in various promotions. The player has the right to refuse the mailings of the Casino. In this case, players are not allowed to participate in the promotion of the Casino.

22. The casino administration has the right to publish the name (without specifying the surname) and the city / country of the player on the casino's honor board, in the list of the latest winnings and in any other materials at the discretion of the casino administration.

23. The minimum amount of payment from the game account is determined by the method chosen to receive this payment. The current value of the minimum payment can be viewed directly in the payment request window.

24. The amount of all the jackpots being played are indicated in credits. The actual amount to be paid depends on the currency of the game account. Thus, if a player breaks a jackpot of 1 million, playing on a dollar account, he is paid 1 million dollars. If a player breaks a jackpot of 1 million, playing on a ruble gaming account, then he is paid 1 million rubles.

25. In case the payment is not made for reasons beyond the control of the Casino within two weeks from the date of the request (for example, the Player did not provide additional documents requested by the Administration, the Player indicated the wrong plastic card number, etc.), then the withdrawal is canceled and the payout is returned to the account of the Player.

26. In the event that real or bonus credits are credited by mistake to the player (this sometimes happens as a result of technical mistakes, etc.), then the administration of the Casino will cancel them. When using erroneous accruals, winnings from these charges are also confiscated. Thus, if the Player is paid out of the Casino more than he is entitled to (conversion error, etc.), the Casino reserves the right to debit the excessively paid amounts from the Player's gaming accounts. At the same time, the write-off occurs not only from the accounts formally registered to the Player, but also from accounts that, in the opinion of the Casino administration, are connected with the Player who received excessive erroneous payments.

27. In case the player has violated the rules of the Casino, Goldfishka reserves the right to take appropriate actions to protect its interests at any time after the player violates the rules.

28. These rules are the main document on the basis of which all disputes between the Player and the Casino are resolved. The rules take precedence between any other written and verbal agreements between the Casino and the Player.

29. According to certain conditions of cooperation of the Casino with payment systems, the withdrawal of money through the payment system Webmoney.ru is carried out only on WMZ and WME purses.

30. It is strictly forbidden to use another's plastic cards by other Players or to provide a plastic card for use by a third party. If this violation is detected, the game account will be blocked automatically.

31. Limitations on the maximum bet size (at the discretion of the Casino administration) may apply to new Players (such are those who made less than two payments in the Casino).

32. Gaming accounts, where there were no payments to the casino, cannot be used to withdraw funds from the casino. This rule is applied separately for each game currency.

33. Payments of players with reversible requests for payment may be subject to an additional commission of the Casino (at the discretion of the administration). To avoid additional costs, the player returns the previously requested funds back to the game.

34. Casino rules are strictly prohibited between game accounts of different users and the same user.

36.1. Payments are made by Top Hold Ltd, registered at Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta XBiex XBX1011.

36.2. The client confirms that he has familiarized himself with the conditions of the "Fast Payment" service and agrees that the monetary obligation of the counterparty to the client is executed by crediting the respective amount to the electronic means of payment of the client in the payment service "Yandex.Money".

37. Due to limitations imposed by payment systems on gambling enterprises, there are the following limits for payments from casinos:

Payment method

Max amount of requests per day

Min amount of a request, rub

Max amount of a request, rub














Payments beyond these limits will be returned back to the game accounts. To avoid inconvenience, please use other payment systems for deposits and receiving payments from the casino.

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